Graduate Trainee (IT or Telecom)

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We are currently looking for a Graduate Trainee (U.A.E National) for a multi national ICT company in Dubai, U.A.E. The Graduate trainee should be in the final sem or completed his/her degree in Computer engineering, IT engineering, Networking, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering or similar degrees. The program will provide an opportunity to learn more about Cloud computing, IOT, Smart cities, IP Networking, Mobile Broadband, Wireless Access, OSS, Optical Networks etc.   Please send your CV to: and mention the Job Title in the Subject...

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Admin Officer

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Our client is a financial services institution and is currently recruiting for an Admin Officer in Abu Dhabi. Direct Responsibilities Responsible for office security, access to premises, programming and control of access cards of staff and visitors and allocation of car parks in co-ordination with the building management and maintains updated lists Updating the telephone list and circulation of telephone bills and follow up on personal calls Responsible for mail dispatch (in/Out) and keep record of returned mail Ensure to follow the hold mail procedure when activated. Ordering and stock control of stationery & supplies and any other procurement such as newspapers subscriptions, corporate gifts, greeting cards, … etc. and maintain inventory records Maintain fixed assets log and update it Coordination with local telecommunication companies to issue/cancel mobile lines, follow-up on payments and ensure that the bills are received on time. General maintenance and upkeep of the premises and equipment (excluding IT Equipment). Coordinating the work between drivers, messengers, office boy and receptionist to cover for absences and peaks in workload. Maintain an updated list of authorized signatories of the bank. Maintain a file of all legal documentations of the branch (CR, Trade certificate, Tax Certificate, Police Certificates … etc) and ensure they are renewed ahead of expiry date. Maintain a file with updated local rules and regulations of the country that is related to the above and share the updates with the respective departments. Visa arrangement for business visitors. Arrangement of car parks for visitors Maintain basic administration procedures, including general filing duties and preparation offiles, personal records, contract and leases, hotel and travel booking, newspapers subscription, etc … Responding to a number of internal and external queries and problems related to the department In charge of the Branch archives  & administration filing system and ensure following up the regional procedure Maintain log of the expat staff visa, work permits and residency.  Ensure follow up with the staff for renewal and validity of the documents. PRO support when needed. Correspondence with bank’s contractors & suppliers ( managing outsourcing and dealing with third party) Health & safety Maintaining bank access reports (staff) Acting as a backup for everything related to the PRO’s perimeter whenever it is possible IT & server room maintenance due to the absence of IT team in the Branch Ensure transportation for Head of Territory during meetings. Same to be provided to other regional heads visiting Dubai after confirmation from Line Manager / Head of Territory. Manage and ensure the office vehicle fleet is serviced and maintained as and when required. Transfer of documents related to Audit to the Central bank as and when required.   Requirement: Good English level Bilingual ability (English/Arabic). Computer proficiency (Word, Excel & PowerPoint). Very organised and able to work independently. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to handle confidential and highly discrete issues. Please send your CV to: and mention the Job Title in the Subject...

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Customer Relationship Officer

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Our client, an internationally recognized corporate banking institution, is recruiting for a Customer Relationship Officer to be joining its growing team in Dubai. You will be reporting directly to the Customer Relationship Manager Job Description: 1. Sales Target Achievements   Ensure  full awareness of all products provided and is constantly updated on all  changes and amendments on product features, procedures and processes. Promote the bank products by providing consistent, accurate and transparent information to customers. Achieve sales targets assigned and contribute to the overall achievement of the team. Maximize on cross selling growth of existing customer base and identify new potential selling opportunities. Follow up and close selling/cross selling lead referrals. Pro-actively participate in Bank products campaigns & promotions. 2. Internal/External Customer Satisfaction Consistently illustrate high levels of customer orientation  and professionalism in day to day conduct. Ensure that all service levels and agreements are being met consistently without any fail. Establish and maintain strong professional relationships/connections internally and externally. Ensure adherence to cut-off times and deadlines. Perform occasional duties assigned. 3. Learning & Development   Educate self on existing procedures and guidelines. Participate in “In-house “training programmes and  workshops. Attend HR training courses nominated by line management. Attend product training, presentations and road show events. 4.Audit & Compliance Ensure that Bank policies and guidelines are consistently & strictly followed. Comply with committed turn around times and laid down procedures. Perform adequate care and diligence in day to day conduct to protect Bank from financial and non-financial loss. Please send your CV to: and mention the Job Title in the Subject field. APPLY...

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Emirates NBD to invest Dh50m in Emiratisation

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Dubai: Emirates NBD, the UAE’s largest bank in terms of assets, will invest Dh50 million in hiring and training UAE nationals in 2011, the bank’s chairman announced yesterday to the media after a graduation ceremony of local trainees. As youth across the Arab world protest against unemployment and lack of economic opportunities, Ahmad Humaid Al Tayer, Chairman of Emirates NBD, said the UAE is working to improve the “very low unemployment rate” among nationals. “We are not worried. This is a different economy and it creates jobs in the public and private sector,” he added. Providing jobs for nationals has political, economic and social returns to the country, Al Tayer noted. “There are many challenges, nothing is easy,” he said of the Emiratisation process. “It’s the commitment of the people, their ability to develop their skills, and specialisation requires efforts.” Emirati graduates need skills, training and interaction with others in the workplace and therefore must make use of job opportunities and development programmes available to them, Al Tayer said. Financing opportunities available to local SMEs, such as the Tumooh programme and the Khalifa Fund, as well as the support of local entrepreneurs should help young nationals, he said. “They have to grab these chances. “There is a lot of support for entrepreneurship and as long as we are Emiratising, we create talent that can eventually own businesses rather than be employees.” Al Tayer added. The mandatory Emiratisation rate for large corporations is four per cent. “This is an obligation and any infringement will be monitored,” Al Tayer said. Within the financing sector, banking had the best Emiratisation rate of 35.4 per cent in December 2010 compared to the same period last year, according to a study by the National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority. Proposals The first International Human Resources Conference held last month in Dubai proposed that labour departments in the Gulf states should be primarily responsible for managing local workforces and creating opportunities for them. It also called on GCC governments and the private sector to adopt a strategic approach to the skills gap in the regional job market and make jobs accessible to the local...

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Khalifa Fund to drive Emiratisation

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Dubai: The Khalifa Fund for Emiratisation Empowerment is the best national initiative for empowering Emiratisation in the private sector, according to Ahmad Humaid Al Tayer, head of the Human Resources Development Committee of the financial and banking sector. Helping Emiratis gain a foothold in the private sector has become a national imperative for everyone with the launch of the Khalifa Fund, other officials and academics said. The fund offers subsidies to private companies to encourage them to hire and keep Emirati employees, who will also receive increments to bring their wages on par with scales offered in the public sector. Al Tayer told Gulf News: “It is one of the best initiatives to enable Emiratisation and will eliminate the weak excuses for not hiring Emiratis in the private sector.” Built-in privileges He added that privileges envisaged by the initiative would create better job opportunities for Emiratis in the labour market and also encourage them to remain in the labour market. “This initiative will grant Emiratis a peaceful, professional and social settlement, and stability,” Al Tayer said. The new initiative aims to provide financial resources necessary to support programmes and policies to encourage UAE nationals to enter the private labour sector. Al Tayer called on both employers and Emirati jobseekers to derive maximum benefit from the scheme. “The financial resources offered by this initiative would be sufficient incentive for Emiratis to follow training programmes that enable them to stand competent in the labour market.” He said he is expecting a remarkable increase in the number of Emiratis seeking employment as the door is now open for Emiratis in all job sectors. Al Tayer expressed the hope that employers would respond positively to the initiative since the obstacle they faced in terms of payment to national employees had been addressed. Hani Al Hamli, secretary-general of the Dubai Economic Council (DEC), said the fund would energise the absorption of Emiratis in the private sector. He said the new initiative would help raise the employment rate of nationals across various economic sectors. “That would reduce the labour market imbalance,” he added. Dr Abdul Rahman Al Awar, director general of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, said the fund is an excellent initiative that matches the Marriage Fund and the Zayed Housing Programme in terms of its social and economic impact. “With the fund allowing private companies to match the salaries offered by the public sector, these companies have no excuses and must take the initiative to lure Emirati staff,” Dr Al Awar said, stressing that closing the wage gap between the public and private sectors removed a major barrier that kept Emiratis from looking beyond government jobs. Unemployment rate The UAE’s unemployment rate stood at 4.2 per cent in 2009, government statistics show. However, Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, has said this level was still too high for comfort, taking particular note of the tendency of Emirati professionals to be “picky” and constantly be on the lookout for better prospects. A report released by the National Statistics Bureau showed the majority of the unemployed are fresh graduates under the age of 25. Al Hamli also indicated that DEC has already studied the main socio-economic issues in the UAE, particularly national employment in the private sector. The studies recommend that...

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UAE Careers

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Emirates appoints two female UAE national Sales Managers in the Middle East

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Reema Al Marzooqi and Asma Al Rahma have both completed Emirates’ Commercial Manager Outstation Programme. Reema has now taken on the role of Sales Manager Jordan and West Bank and Asma has been appointed as Sales Manager Kuwait. “Emirates is wholly committed to the training and development of UAE Nationals. Moving forward we are targeting an additional 500 UAE Nationals each year to become part of our expanding team,” said Masooma Hassan, Emirates Vice President, National Recruitment and Development. “The appointment of Reema and Asma into the roles of Sales Managers within the Middle East is yet another significant step towards our Emiratisation goal. Reema and Asma have showed excellent dedication to these new roles and we look forward to appointing many more UAE Nationals in the coming year,” added Masooma. Emirates’ Commercial Management Outstation Programme covers multiple areas within the Emirates Group including; Call Centres, Ticketing Counters, Pricing, Emirates SkyCargo, Airport Operations, Customer Affairs and Service Audit and International Affairs. In addition to this each trainee spends an extensive period of time working within Emirates’ UAE Sales office, followed by an outstation attachment to one of the airline’s 111 destinations, further enhancing their practical skills and market knowledge. UAE Nationals are an integral part of Emirates’ workforce with over 26 percent holding senior management positions within the company. The company’s commitment to training UAE Nationals extends to every corner of the Emirates Group. Emirates offers a range of dedicated development programmes for UAE Nationals that cover various aspects of the Emirates Group businesses. Programmes are available for school leavers as well as university graduates and cover areas including; Commercial Operations, Yield Management, Emirates Group IT, Flight Operations, Emirates SkyCargo, Skywards, Dnata Travel Center, Dnata Airport Operations, Dnata Cargo, Group Finance and Internal...

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A labour, but not of love

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The new labour laws highlight the UAE authority’s concern for Emiratization, but also its apathy towards many expatriates, says Eva Fernandes. A flip through the newspapers this morning reveals more developments in the confusing amendments the UAE is making to its labour law. From what I can make out, there is a new tier system which categorizes companies into five groups; the higher a company’s category the less they will have to pay for the labour cards and other fees associated with employees. Seems simple enough, but what qualifies a company to a category? Ah, now there is the tricky part. The National says, “initial classification depends on the diversity – and Emiratisation – of their workforce.” Don’t ask me how diversity and Emiratisation are in the same sentence, because I still want to know what the definition of diversity is in this context. Emirates 24|7, confuses us further with its explanation: “For enterprises to be included under Category I, 20 per cent or more of their total staff must fall under skill levels 1 (degree-holders), 2 (diploma holders) and 3 (unskilled workers).” Excuse me if I’m being a bit slow here, but don’t degree holders, diploma holders and unskilled workers constitute for the entire workforce in the UAE? Although Emirates 24|7 says that the differentiating factor between the categories is “the skills levels of employees and Emiratisation ratio” it seems that the real difference is the salary employees are paid; category 1 companies are supposed to pay higher with degree holders getting a minimum of Dh12,000, for example. And while The National says there are five categories, Emirates 24|7 says there are only three. Don’t look at Kipp; we’re taking a break from trying to figure out all the changes until they stop coming out with “clarifications.” Confusing as it all may be, it is instructive. In the news about the labour laws some of the comments on display highlight the attitude of many advocates of Emiratization towards expatriates in the UAE. Take, for instance, the comments from Paul Dyer, a specialist in labour issues at the Dubai School of Government, who believes the problem is that “expatriates [are] being hired too easily, with employers looking for quantity rather than quality.” He argues that Emiratis (who he admits are much more expensive to hire) are only hired to keep up with Emiratization drives: “Emiratis were hired only to keep with the quota system. There is a lot of reliance on low-skilled labour here. Firms will need to rethink this.” There it is in a nutshell is the age-old argument: Emirati’s are victims of opportunistic expatriates who dominate the work force because of their lower salary expectations. Yes, there is a certain amount of truth to such notions, but I think the defensive reaction this provokes – sometimes even anger – is unfounded. For a country that was literally built by the hands of expatriates, I sometimes feel there is a real lack of appreciation for the contribution of UAE’s expatriate population to its rapid development and progress. Whenever I make statements like that, the usual argument I get from proponents of Emiratization is that the government loyalty lies with its own people and not the expatriates who suck the country dry and leave to greener pastures once they’ve...

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